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We are the Specialists in Foreign Languages.

SecondTongue is an Institute of Foreign Languages & Cultural studies, now offering online batches, tailored for people from all walks of life.

Tanvi Savla - Founder, SecondTongue

Tanvi Savla

Founder & Chief Instructor

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An ardent believer in the power of language our founder and CEO Tanvi Salva discovered her passion for linguistics and teaching as an undergrad at Jaihind College, Mumbai. What started out as tutoring a few juniors, went on to become the Le Voyage of her life.

In 2009 she was awarded a scholarship as part of a cultural exchange program to L’Université Stendal de Grenoble in France, post which she found her fervor still unquenched so she stayed on for about a year with a lovely French family and pursued her passion for the language, cuisine, and culture.

As an avid believer of authenticity, she decided "What better way to learn that from the source itself!". Tanvi went on to complete her Masters from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. On returning to India she set out to share her exposure through teaching by creating an opportunity for all who choose to become multilingual and so founded Second Tongue in 2014, which has had over 5000 students learn global languages successfully so far.

Online learning is the new forte for maximizing learning she has decided to turn her vision virtual to give all those interested the opportunity to learn too.