Arabic Language Elementary Course

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6500 x 2 Instalments
  • ArabicArabic
  • Elementary
  • Professional
  • ALPT
  • Certificate
  • Online
  • 30 Hours

Course Description

This level will set you apart from the crowd of "language newbies".

Now that you know a little about the beautiful language, let's gear up for the Elementary level.

Grammatical elements like the parts of speech, types of tenses, connectors, and the other essentials would be covered up in this level. We believe in motivating the students to use the language in their daily routine. It doesn't matter if people around you do not speak the language!
Thank you for believing in us in this beautiful journey of learning a new language and culture & and we guarantee you will fall in love with it."
This level of study is designed for students who have had exposure to Arabic through a previous basic course in the language."


•At the Elementary level, the students are learning to function comfortably in social situations and lead Informal Communication in their daily routine.
•The students will be able to lead Informal Communication in their daily routine.
•Be able to use simple everyday polite expressions of greeting people, ask how they are, and react to the news.
•Lead longer conversations at the shops, post offices, or banks; get simple information about travel, use public transport, ask for basic information, ask and give directions, and buy tickets.
•Grammatical elements like the parts of speech and few other essentials would be covered up.
• You will be able to speak, write, listen, and read Arabic fairly for survival in the native country.
•Congratulations, to have added another feather to your cap!"


  • All you need to start a language course here at SecondTongue is
  • A positive, open mindset and the excitement to learn a new language!
  • Add to it some basics to support your online learning journey - a high bandwidth internet connection, and
  • A notebook and pen for you to take notes during class.
  • A Certificate of having completed a previous level course (Except in the case of Beginners, Travel and Conversational courses)

  • ArabicArabic
    Provide Arabic description
  • A2 Elementary
  • Professional Course
    The Primary focus being bettering communication skills in the desired language, these courses not only help one communicate better but also increase prospects of study, work, or business in the intended country.
  • ALPT
    The Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is a standardized Arabic proficiency test endorsed by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI).
  • Professional Language Certificate
    On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a professional language course certificate by SecondTongue.
  • Online Classroom
    Learn from your home or any place of your convenience. All you need is an internet connection. You will have access to the meeting rooms and activities from our Classroom. We use Zoom to conduct our online classes.

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