Spanish Language Course A2.1

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6195 x 2 Instalments
  • SpanishSpanish
  • Elementary
  • Professional
  • Certificate
  • Online
  • 35 Hours

Course Description

Estoy Encantado de Conocerte - I am pleased to meet you !

Spanish - It is the easiest language to learn. Along with it’s strong cultural context and the intonations the language sounds musical to the non native ears. Countless painters, dancers, singers and poets have used the language to explore themes such as love, beauty, art and nature throughout the ages.
The spanish garnished onto your vocabulary will surely impress your friends, colleagues, class mates and is a great confidence builder.
Here at Second Tongue, we use the best combination of Methodology and Material allowing our students to enjoy the learning experience along with a thorough navigation of the finer points of grammar.
Our aim is Seamless integration of language acquisition and literary and cultural study so as to provide the strongest intellectual and professional training to our learners.


Please Note that this level is the Part 2 of Elementary A2 level.

The below mentioned outcome is after the completion of both the parts of A2

  • Express oneself effectively and accurately in simple Spanish about him/herself and his/her surroundings in the present tense and simple past tense.
  • Construct simple sentences in Spanish using accurate rudiments of syntax and grammar.
  • Write short paragraphs on simple topics, e.g., (food, past memories, vacations, daily routines, shopping, health, love and hopes, etc.)
  • Demonstrate an elementary knowledge of Spanish sentence structure through speaking and writing.
  • Pronounce Spanish reasonably well.
  • Read Spanish at an elementary level.
  • Identify and explain unique characteristics of various Spanish–speaking people and their cultures.
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between own’s culture and those of various Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Differentiate between formal and informal registers of speech in Spanish.
  • Examine and appraise cognates.
  • Evaluate and critique each other’s oral and written performance for learning purposes.
  • Listen to basic spoken Spanish and demonstrate understanding by writing and/or responding appropriately.


All you need to start a language course here at SecondTongue is
  • A positive, open mindset and the excitement to learn a new language!
  • Add to it some basics to support your online learning journey - a high bandwidth internet connection, and
  • A notebook and pen for you to take notes during class.
  • A Certificate of having completed a previous level course (Except in the case of Beginners,Travel and Conversational courses) will take care of your eligibility requirements to begin your course today!

  • SpanishSpanish
    One of the best languages to learn for travel. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and the third most-used language in the media. One of the most major benefits of learning Spanish is that you’ll gain access to the unparalleled world of rich Hispanic culture. And most importantly, with all the benefits, Spanish is the easiest language to learn.
  • A2 Elementary
    A2 level is the second stage of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)category. At A2 level talking about everyday routine is easier and clearer. Sentences becomes slightly more complex. New tenses are also introduced to help you be able to describe an event in the future and in the past.
  • Professional Course
    The Primary focus being bettering communication skills in the desired language, these courses not only help one communicate better but also increase prospects of study, work, or business in the intended country.
  • DELE-DIE Preparation Course
    DELE & DIE is a set of worldwide, officially recognised Spanish proficiency tests for anyone above the age of nine. DELE is issued by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and DIE is a diploma that holds academic recognition from The Pontifical University of Salamanca. It is the official document to prove your Spanish skills.
  • Professional Language Certificate
    On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a professional language course certificate by SecondTongue.
  • Online Classroom
    Learn from your home or any place of your convenience. All you need is an internet connection. You will have access to the meeting rooms and activities from our Classroom. We use Zoom to conduct our online classes.

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