Spanish Foundation for Kids Advanced

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3500 x 2 Instalments
  • SpanishSpanish
  • Advanced
  • Junior
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  • Certificate
  • Online
  • 18 Hours

Course Description

The course is fun and easy to introduce Spanish language and culture to young learners.

The child will be introduced to all the 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
The course will be taught in English, which makes it understandable & interesting.
Our team of language experts focus on how to communicate effectively (to speak and understand) than just learn grammar and syntax. We believe in motivating the students to use the language in their daily routine. It doesn't matter if people around you do not speak the language! We understand and respect that we are your first experience in the journey of learning a new language and culture & and we guarantee you will fall in love with it.


  • Revision of Spanish Foundation Course
  • Adjectives Qualificatifs
  • Irregular Verb conjugation
  • Contracted Articles with vocab related to places
  • Buying selling Dialogue ( at the cafe )
  • Progressive test + dialogue practise
  • Self introduction in detail + Questions words
  • Seasons
  • Sentence Structuring using Irregular verbs
  • Translation + Reading Activities
  • Listening Activities
  • Dialogue at the market + Comprehension practise


All you need to start a language course here at SecondTongue is
  • A positive, open mindset and the excitement to learn a new language!
  • Add to it some basics to support your online learning journey - a high bandwidth internet connection, and
  • A notebook and pen for you to take notes during class.
  • A Certificate of having completed a previous level course (Except in the case of Beginners, Travel and Conversational courses) will take care of your eligibility requirements to begin your course today!
  • SpanishSpanish
    One of the best languages to learn for travel. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and the third most-used language in the media. One of the most major benefits of learning Spanish is that you’ll gain access to the unparalleled world of rich Hispanic culture. And most importantly, with all the benefits, Spanish is the easiest language to learn.
  • Foundation for Kids Advanced
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  • Junior Course
    Tailor-made for children ranging from ages 3 to 12, these courses are specifically designed to stir up a passion within their little hearts for not just the language but also the culture of the designated country.
  • Pre-Preparation
    If you are looking forward for International proficiency certification, this course is a stepping stone to reach your goal.
  • Professional Language Certificate
    On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a professional language course certificate by SecondTongue.
  • Online Classroom
    Learn from your home or any place of your convenience. All you need is an internet connection. You will have access to the meeting rooms and activities from our Classroom. We use Zoom to conduct our online classes.

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